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mārire Play

1. (particle) exactly, absolutely, unequivocally, positively, seriously, essentially, indubitably, for the most part, in the main, deliberately, intentionally, carefully, really, gently, quietly, silently, completely, thoroughly, well and truly, actually, in fact, quietly, peaceably, peacefully, just, merely, very - a word to intensify and add emphasis, often translated by one of the above. Where mārire follows a verb in the passive it will take a passive ending also, usually -tia.

Te reka mārire o te merengi nei. / This melon is really sweet.
Ka kimikimi te Whare ki ngā tikanga e pā ana ki te taha Māori, he tika kia āta whakaarohia mariretia aua tikanga (TWMNT 13/2/1877:27). / The House is considering matters affecting Māori, and it is only right that those matters be considered very carefully.

Synonyms: ehara ehara, , anō, moruka, te mutunga (kē) mai (nei) o te ..., mārika, tahi, mōrukaruka, pohapoha, puru, piropiro, hāwerewere, rukaruka, mārie

2. (verb) to be peaceful, quiet, fortunate, appeased.

Ko te kōhuru mā te pāwera, mā te hae, mā te ohorere o te ngākau, mā te mamae, tēnā ko te tāhae whenua he mea āta whakaaro mārire, he mea āta rūnanga rawa he kōrero parau, ehara i te hara ohorere nā te ohonga o te ngākau, kāhorehore, engari he hara he mea āta waihanga mārire, i whakamahia e te tangata tōna hinengaro ki te āta whakatakoto, kāhore i mahia i runga i te pāweratanga o te ngākau, engari i te ngākau anō e mārire ana (TP 3/1909:2). / Murder is done because of passion, jealousy, impulsively, or because of pain, but stealing land is something that is carefully planned and thought out with deception, it's not an impetuous sin, no, but it is a sin that is carefully devised and planned, not done on the spur of the moment, but when one's emotions are calm.

3. (noun) softness (of sound).

Ko te kahaoro te tīwerawera, te mārire rānei o te oro (RTP 2015:59). / The volume is the loudness or softness of the sound.

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