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mārie Play

1. (particle) exactly, absolutely, unequivocally, positively, seriously, essentially, indubitably, for the most part, in the main, deliberately, intentionally, carefully, really, gently, quietly, silently, completely, thoroughly, well and truly, actually, in fact, quietly, peaceably, peacefully, just, merely, very - a word to intensify and add emphasis, often translated by one of the above. Where mārie follows a verb in the passive it will take a passive ending also, usually -tia.

Ko te whenua ka takoto mārie, taihoa ka tupuria e te otaota, e te māheuheu (HJ 2015:101). / Land just left will in time be overgrown by weeds and scrub.

Synonyms: ehara ehara, , anō, moruka, te mutunga (kē) mai (nei) o te ..., mārika, tahi, mōrukaruka, mārire, pohapoha, puru, piropiro, hāwerewere, rukaruka

2. (verb) to be peaceful, friendly, harmonious, amicable, composed, abate.

I whakahoahoa rātou ki ngā Pākehā i runga i te wawata ka mārie tā rātou noho tahi (TTR 1990:77). / They were friendly towards the Pākehā in the hope that their existence together would be peaceful.

Synonyms: tau, māwhe, pāngū

3. (verb) fortunately, it was fortunate, luckily.

Ka mea atu ngā tama, "Mārie anō kia haere mai koe!" Ka mea atu te koroheke, "Ki te aha?" Ka mea atu rāua, "Ki te karakia i ā māua māra." (NM 1928:170). / The boys said, "It was fortunate that you have come!" The elderly man said, "What for?" They said, "To recite ritual chants for our gardens."

4. (modifier) peaceful, friendly, harmonious, amicable, composed.

He tangata mārie, whakamōwai a Rāni Erihana, i ngākau pono nui ki tana kamupene me tōna whānau (TTR 2000:59). / Rāni Ellison was a quiet, unassuming man who was devoted to his company and his family.

5. (noun) peace, calm, tranquility, calmness, peacefulness, serenity, composure, harmony, geniality.

Ko te mātau, ko te mārie nui i kitea ki tōna mata (MM.TKM 1/12/1855:13). / Intelligence and geniality could be seen in his countenance.

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