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Found 3 matches

pakeke Play

1. (verb) to be grown up, adult, mature, hard, severe, harsh, difficult.

He pakeke ake a Rihimona i a au (HP 1991:20). / Rihimona was older than me.

Found 3 matches

2. (modifier) difficult.

He ngāwari ngā kupu o te waiata nei, kāore ngā kupu pakeke rawa o te reo Māori (M 2004:44). / The words of this song are simple, there are no difficult words of the Māori language.

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3. (noun) adult.

Ka okeoke haere, ka whanawhana, ka tangi i te mamae, ko ngā pakeke, ka āmai mehemea ka tū (TTT 1/3/1928:742). / They toss about, kick and cry with pain and the adults become giddy if they stand up.

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4. (noun) age, maturity.

Ka mauria anō ia ki te whare herehere mō te marama kotahi, ahakoa tana pakeke me tana hanga mate (TTR 1990:357). / He was taken to prison for one month, despite his age and ill health.

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5. (noun) New Zealand sole, common sole, Peltorhamphus novaezeelandiae - a fish greenish-grey on top, white beneath, with a rounded snout and a mouth not quite at the very front of the snout, hidden by a hook-like projection. The body is oval-elongate with a broad head and small eyes. Endemic occuring throughout coastal Aotearoa/New Zealand as far south as Southland. Inhabits sandy substrata in subtidal area to around 55 m.

See also pātiki rori

pākēkē Play

1. (verb) (-tia) to creak, crackle.

Pākēkē ana ōku turi kaumātua (PK 2008:570). / My old knees are creaking.

2. (verb) (-tia) to grate, scrape.

Kua pākēkētia ngā rīwai (W 1971:252). /

3. (noun) flax clappers.

He ōrite te tōkere ki te pākōkō, ki te pākēkē (Wh3 2003:167). / Castanets are like wooden and flax clappers.
(Te Māhuri Textbook (Ed. 2): 167;)

ko tō pakeke mārika Play

1. you're old enough to know better.

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