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Found 52 matches

kura Play

1. (noun) tank, container.

Mā te ua tā rātou kura wai e whakakī. / The rain will fill their water tank.

kura Play

1. (adjective) be red, scarlet.

2. (modifier) red, scarlet, red feather.

He kahu kura te kākahu (NM 1928:87). / The garment was a red feather cloak.

3. (noun) red feathers, feathers used as decoration, treasure, valued possession, heirloom, precious possession, sacred, divine law, philosophy, darling, chief.

Takoto mai, e koro, kia tangihia koe e ō iwi. Auē! Ka mau te punga here o te waka nei. Ka ngaro koe, te kaihautū, te kākākura o roto i te pōkai, te puhi o Aotearoa, te kura whakahirahira o Te Waipounamu, te mauri o te whenua, te mauri o te tangata, haere! Haere rā! (TP 7/1906:9). / Lie in state, sir, to be wept over by your people. Oh, dear! The anchor of this canoe is taken. You are gone, the fugleman, the leader of the flock, the adored one of the North Island, the important treasure of the South Island, the life force of the land and the people. Depart! Farewell!

4. (noun) glow.

Ko ngā ingoa o taua kura koia tēnei - he āniwaniwa, he koroirangi kei te rā, kei te marama, kei te whakaumu te marama, te rā rānei, koia nei ngā whakahua. Engari ko te tino ingoa ia he kurahaupō tō te marama, he kura-hau-awatea tō te rā (JPS 1927:357). / The names of that glow are these - āniwaniwa and koroirangi pertain to the sun or moon, when the moon or sun are encircled, those are the terms. But the genuine names are kurahaupō, that is of the moon, and kura-hau-awatea is that of the sun.

5. (noun) bar-tailed godwit, Limosa lapponica - a brown-and-white migratory wading bird with a long, slightly upturned, black bill and a pink base which breeds in the northern hemisphere and summers in the southern. This term is applied to the red plumage of the bird immediately prior to the migration to the northern hemisphere.

Ka mārama pea te manu nei: he kuaka te ingoa iwi, he kura, he kakao, he karoro, ngā ingoa hapū (HKW 1/11/1901:1). / This bird probably needs explaining: the species name is 'kuaka' and 'kura', 'kakao' and 'karoro' are the varietal names.

See also kuaka

Synonyms: tarakakao, rīrīwaka, kuhikuhiwaka, karoro, kuaka

kura Play

1. (verb) (-ina,-ngia) to be educated, schooled, attending school.

He aha te pai kia kurangia ko ngā tāne anake, ā kia kura kore ngā taitamāhine? (HKW 8/1898:2) / What’s the good in only teaching the boys and letting the girls be uneducated?

2. (noun) school, education, learning gathering.

E kīia ana e haere ana a Marietoa ki Poihākena ki te whakaoti i tōna kura (TP 8/1899 suppl:2). / They say that Maliatoa is going to Sydney to complete his education.

kūrae Play

1. (verb) to project.

2. (noun) headland, promontory, peninsula.

Kotahi anō huarahi ki taua pā ko te hononga o taua kūrae ki te tuawhenua (TKO 31/7/1919:4). / There is only one way to that pā and that is the place where that headland joins the mainland.

kura rata Play

1. (noun) medical school.

kura kaupapa Play

1. (noun) primary school operating under Māori custom and using Māori as the medium of instruction.

kura māhita Play

1. (loan) (stative) be a teacher, become a school teacher.

Kua rōia ētahi, kua kura māhita ētahi, kua minita ētahi, kua mema ētahi (TP 12/1900:2). / Some have become lawyers, some teachers, some ministers, some members of parliament.

2. (loan) (noun) teacher.

Manaakitia mai ā tātou kura māhita, ngā kaiārahi i ā tātou tamariki, i ngā mokopuna me te iwi (TTT 1/10/1921:10). / Look after our teachers, the counsellors of our children, grandchildren and the people.

kākahu kura Play

1. (noun) cape of red feathers.

Nō te taenga mai ka takoto ngā taonga, te parawai, te kaitaka, te kākahu kura, he nui te taonga, he nui hoki te kaitaka harakeke nei, me ngā patu e rua, kotahi te patu he mere, he akerautangi tētahi, he ōnewa tētahi, ko Oneone te ingoa; ko te Haemata te mere akerautangi rā (JPS 1927:254). / On arrival the gifts were laid out, the fine cloaks of flax fiber and red-feather cloaks, many articles, including many mats and two weapons, one being a wooden mere of akerautangi wood, the other a dark grey stone weapon, the name of which was Oneone, that of the wooden weapon being the Haemata.

kura tuarua Play

1. (noun) secondary school, high school.

tētē kura Play

1. (noun) chief.

Ka tau tā rātou kōrero kia riro ko ia hei tētē kura whakakī i te whārua i mahue ake i tōna tuakana (TTR 1998:23). / They decided that he should become the chief to fill the vacancy left by his elder brother.

See also tētēkura

2. (noun) Prince of Wales Feathers, crape fern, Leptopteris superba - native tufted ground fern, often with a short woody trunk. Fronds tapered equally at both ends, very finely divided. Fluffy to touch. Grows best in cool, wet forest. Frond tapers at both ends.

See also tētē

kura kōrero Play

1. (noun) the gift of speech, faculty of speech.

kura wānanga Play

1. (noun) sacred rituals on scientific orders, history and other valuable lore, sacred knowledge.

kura reo Play

1. (noun) language learning gathering, language school - usually held on a marae or educational institution over several days with the purpose of speaking and learning Māori.

I āmio tāua i te whenua nei ki ngā kura reo (HM 4/2009:3). / You and I travelled around the country to the language schools.

whare kura Play

1. (noun) school - traditionally the place where esoteric lore was taught. In modern Māori it is written as one word.

Ko te ‘whare maire’ hei kura ako i ngā mahi mākutu-whaiwhaiā, i ngā kōrero o nehe me ngā kōrero pūrākau matua, ko te ‘whare pōrukuruku’, hei ako takitahi i te tangata i tōna kotahi anake; ko te ‘whare kura,’ te kura ako o te ira tangata; me te ‘whare takiura’, he kura ako i te pō (Rewi 2005:31). / The 'whare maire' was a school teaching the art of witchcraft, the history and the superior oral narratives; the 'whare pōrukuruku' was for individual teaching; the 'whare kura' was the school teaching the human element; and the 'whare takiura', a school teaching at night.

kura hourua Play

1. (noun) partnership school - a controversial way of delivering public education which brings together the education, business and community sectors to provide new opportunities for students to achieve education success. Partnership schools receive public funds on a per-pupil basis, like regular state schools, but have more independence in things like curriculum, operating hours, employment and leadership structure. Opponents see provision of education as the responsibility of government for the public good and not a commodity to be traded, with democratically elected Boards of Trustees who are accountable to the community. The involvement of third parties is seen to introduce unwelcome motives to the provision of education, often a profit motive. Fully qualified and registered teachers are seen to be essential. It is suggested that flexibility for alternative approaches has been possible under the existing legislation and that more could be made of this instead of introducing a new model for which the evidence of results is unclear.

E rima ngā kura hourua ka whakatūria i te tau 2014. / Five partnership schools will be established in 2014.

kura huna Play

1. (noun) important knowledge.

Tērā e hoki mai te Māori, a tōna wā, ki te kimi i aua mea i whiua atu e ia ki wīwī, ki wāwā. Ko te Pākehā anake i tahuri ki te pupuri i ngā kura huna, i ngā reo a ngā kaumātua, arā ko te pupuri tēnei he tā ki te perehi (TTT 1/5/1923:4). / In time the Māori will return to seek out those things that were tossed hither and thither. Only the Pākehā set about retaining the important knowledge, the voices of the elders, namely by holding on to this by publishing it.

kura takiura Play

1. (noun) college of education, teachers' college.

Kotahi tau tonu i muri mai ka whiwhi ia i tana tūnga i te kura whakamātautau o te kura takiura o Kirikiriroa (TTR 2000:81). / One year later she gained her position at the experimental school of Hamilton Teachers’ College.

wharangi kura Play

1. (noun) mountain holly, New Zealand holly, Olearia macrodonta - a small sub-alpine evergreen endemic tree. Has undulating and serrated grey-green leaves. Found in lowland to sub-alpine forests from the East Coast south to Stewart Island, at 450–1,200 metres (1,480–3,940 ft) in altitude. Grows 6 metres tall. Its daisy-like composite flowers are white with yellow centres and grow in large, rounded bunches.

See also arorangi

Kura Tawhiti Play

1. (location) Castle Hill - limestone rock formations in Canterbury high country 90 km northwest of Christchurch. An area of special cultural, spiritual and historical significance to Ngāi Tahu.

kura taupunga Play

1. (noun) water bath.

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