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Found 4 matches

raru Play

1. (verb) (-a) to be in difficulty, perplexed, troubled.

Ahakoa te minamina o ngā iwi nunui ki tōna whenua, kāore a Haina e rarua, kei te toitū tonu tōna whenua (TP 5/1908:1). / Although the great nations desire his country, China is not troubled, its land is still undisturbed.

Found 4 matches

2. (noun) problem, trouble, conflict.

Ko tōna raru nui kē, ka noho āna hapa hei whakakotiti i a koe, i te mea tika (HM 4/2008:5). / The big problem is that its faults will lead you into errors and away from what is correct.

raru ki uta Play

1. (noun) minor problem - a problem that can easily be remedied.

Tamaiti (me te pōuri anō): Māmā, kua mīia e au taku moenga. Māmā: Kei te pai e te tau, he raru ki uta. He māmā noa iho te horoi i ngā hīti (HJ 2012:22). / Child (very upset): Mum, I wet my bed. Mother: That's alright my love, it's a minor problem. It quite easy to wash the sheets.

raru ki tai Play

1. (noun) serious problem - a problem that can not be easily remedied.

He punua raru noa iho tērā - he raru ki uta. Tēnā ia ko tēnei, he raru ki tai. Kāore he putanga, kāore he rerenga e ora ai te tangata (HJ 2012:22). / That was just a small problem - a minor one. But this one, it's a serious problem. There's no way out, no escape for a person to recover.

raru ā-io Play

1. (noun) neurological problem.

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