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Found 5 matches

toro Play

1. (noun) toro, Myrsine salicina - a slender, upright, open-branched tree growing to 10 m. Has thick, furrowed bark and long, shiny, leathery leaves. Petals are cream to pale pink. Fruit is red and oblong, usually containing only one seed. Found from North Cape to about Greymouth in lowland to montane forest.

Found 5 matches

2. (noun) toru, Toronia toru - an erect, many-branched small tree with branches directed upwards. Alternate leaves long, narrow, thick, leathery and smooth on both sides. Flowers are small and yellowish. Found in the northern North Island.

See also toru

toro Play

1. (verb) (-a,-hia,-na) to visit, go to see, pay a visit, call on, survey, reconnoitre, probe, explore.

Nō te tau 1864, ka haere atu a Hine-i-tūrama i Whakatāne ki Waikato ki te toro i tana tamāhine, i a Ewa, ā, ki te whakamōhou hoki i ōna hononga ki a Ngāti Maniapoto (TTR 1990:14). / In 1864 Hine-i-tūrama travelled from Whakatāne to Waikato to visit her daughter, Ewa, and to renew her relationship with Ngāti Maniapoto.

2. (verb) (-a,-hia,-na,-ngia) to stretch forth, stretch out, extend.

Ka toro mai te ringa o te wahine nei, ka raraku (NM 1928:165). / This woman stretched out her hand and scratched him affectionately.

3. (noun) extension, stretching.

Pai noa iho te toro o te kupenga e rua tekau mā rima iāri ki tērā taha o te awa, hai hopu kanae i ngā pō (HP 1991:17). / Stretching the net twenty-five yards to the other side of the river to catch mullet at night was quite easy.

4. (noun) scout.

Te taenga ki te one i Tīrau tērā ka kitea mai e ngā toro (JPS 1911:22). / They reached the beach at Tīrau and then they were sighted by the scouts.

5. (noun) probe.

toro Play

1. (verb) (-na) to burn, blaze.

Te putanga ake o taua tawhiti, ānō he ahi e toro ana ki te whenua (NM 1928:14). / When that fellow (the sun) appeared it was as if a fire was burning the land.

See also toronga

toro teka Play

1. (noun) dart-throwing.

I ngā wā o mua, he tino whakataetae te toro teka, e whai mana ai te tangata me tōna hapū (RMR 2017). / In former times, dart-throwing was an important competition whereby a person and his hapū gained mana.

hāora toro Play

1. (loan) (noun) visiting hours.

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