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Found 9 matches

pia Play

1. (noun) apprentice, novice, trainee, postgraduate student - traditionally the first order of learners being initiated in esoteric lore.

He pia i te tīmatanga, kia mātau haere kua tāura (PK 2008:630). / He's a novice at the start but when he becomes more learned he's a tāura.

pia Play

1. (noun) gum (of trees, etc.), sap.

Kātahi ka mahia te waka, ki te pāiri, ka pania ki te ware pia rākau, ka pania ki te hinu ururoa, tātere (JPS 1913:179). / The canoe was then prepared by adding wash-boards, and coating it over with tree-gum and by painting with shark oil.

2. (noun) blind eel, common hagfish, Eptatretus cirrhatus - a primitive eel-like fish that lives only in marine habitats. Though blind, hagfish are predators of other fish, which they detect by movement and smell. Body cylindrical with a paddle-like tail. Six barbels around the mouth. Pink-grey variably spotted with black and white. Found throughout shelf and slope waters of Aotearoa/New Zealand to depths of 922 m.

See also tuere

3. (noun) lamprey, Geotria australis - an eel-like fish that has a sucker mouth with horny teeth and a rasping tongue. A highly valued food of Māori. Found around North, South, Stewart and Chatham Islands coasts, penetrating inland to 230 km.

See also piharau

pia Play

1. (loan) (noun) beer.

Mō te pāre mahi pia e 5 hereni mō te puhera (TW 12/8/1876:2). / The price of barley for making beer is 5 shillings a bushel.

pia whakatipu Play

1. (noun) agar culture.

pia ngaungau Play

1. (noun) chewing gum.

Ko te tākai kawakawa, ko te pia ngaungau mō te niho mamae (Te Ara 2012). / For toothache, a kawakawa poultice was applied, or the leaves were chewed.

pia makawe Play

1. (noun) hair gel.

whare tahu pia Play

1. (loan) (noun) brewery.

I hoko hoki au i ngā hāpi katoa i kawea mai e ngā Māori ki taku whare tahu pia (TWMNT 22/3/1879:350). / I purchased all the hops brought by the Māori to my brewery.

whakatupu ā-pia Play

1. (verb) to inoculate.

Nēpia, Hōri Play

1. (personal name) George Nēpia (1905/8?-1986) Ngāti Rākaipāka; famous rugby player representing Aotearoa/New Zealand in both rugby and rugby league. He was a star for the celebrated Hawke's Bay team and then the 1924-25 All Black team known as The Invincibles.

Nō te 27 o Ākuhata 1986 i mate ai a Hōri Nēpia ki Ruatōria (TTR 1998:121). / George Nepia died at Ruatoria on 27 August 1986.

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