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Found 8 matches

taihoa Play

1. (interjection) by and by, wait, don't ... yet.

Taihoa e kai kia karakiatia te hākari e te minita! / Don't eat until the minister has blessed the banquet!
(Te Kākano Textbook (Ed. 2): 111;)

See also taihoa ake, taihoa [koe] ka kite

Found 8 matches

2. (interjection) later, later on.

Taihoa, ka tangohia te whenua mō ngā kaupapa tūmatanui pērā i te mahinga parakaingaki me te taunga waka rererangi o Tāmaki-makau-rau (Te Ara 2013). / Later, land was taken for public works such as a sewage plant and Auckland airport.

taihoa ka/kua ... Play

1. (interjection) soon, it won't be long before, almost certainly - used to indicate that something will happen soon or is almost certain to occur.

Taihoa tātou ka muia e te mahi a te namu. / Soon we'll be covered in sandflies.

taihoa ake Play

1. (interjection) by and by, later, wait, don't ... yet, wait a second.

Taihoa ake nei ērā kōrero whāia atu ai (HM 4/2009:1). / Later those comments will be expanded on.

taihoa pea ka/kua Play

1. will probably - an idiom sometimes used to indicate that something is likely to happen.

Tokorua kei te hohipera i Nēpia, taihoa pea ka hoki ki te kainga ki te whakaako i ngā wāhine Māori ki te tiaki i ā rātou tamariki, ki te nānā hoki i ngā tūroro (TP 4/1904:7).— / There are two people at the hospital in Napier, and they will probably return home to train the Māori women to care for their children and to nurse the patients.
E mōhio ana tātou, ki te waiho i konei tō tātou ngākaunui, tō tātou manawanui ki tō tātou reo, taihoa pea kua tata manawa kiore ko te reo Māori e mōhio nei tātou (HM 4/1995:4). / We know that if our commitment and dedication to our language is left at this, then the Māori language that we know will probably be at death's door.

taihoa ā, ka ... Play

1. (interjection) after a while, after a time, eventually - indicates a lapse of time before another event.

Taihoa ā, ka mau haere i a ia te reo Māori. / After a while she began to get better at the Māori language.

taihoa [koe] ka kite Play

1. you'll soon see, you're bound to see, it won't be long before you'll see.

Taihoa koe ka kite i te hē o tāu mahi. / Soon you'll see the error in what you've done.

taihoa [koe] i a [au]! Play

1. I'll get you! I'll sort you out! - an idiom warning someone that if the listener does not do things correctly, someone will correct him/her.

Taihoa ngā tamariki e taki haututū mai rā i a au (HKK 1999:110). / I'll sort out those children getting into mischief over there.

ake nei Play

1. (particle) Often used in future time exoressions, e.g. ā kō kō ake nei, ā muri ake nei, taihoa ake nei.

Taihoa ake nei, ka kōrerohia e au ki a koutou taku titonga mō tētahi o aku tino hoa hōia, i tōmuri te hokinga mai ki tō mātau puni hōia i a mātau i Īhipa (HP 1991:107). / Later I will tell you about my fabrication for one of my best military friends who returned late to our military camp when we were in Egypt.

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