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Found 3 matches

rangatiratanga Play

1. (noun) chieftainship, right to exercise authority, chiefly autonomy, chiefly authority, ownership, leadership of a social group, domain of the rangatira, noble birth, attributes of a chief.

Kai whea tō rangatiratanga, tō ihi, tō mana, tō marutuna, tō maruwehi? (TPH 30/3/1900:2). / Where is your chiefly autonomy, your personal magnetism, your commanding presence, your inspiration?

Found 3 matches

2. (noun) kingdom, realm, sovereignty, principality, self-determination, self-management - connotations extending the original meaning of the word resulting from Bible and Treaty of Waitangi translations.

Anō te whakauaua o te tapoko o te hunga taonga ki te rangatiratanga o te Atua! (PT Maka 10:23). / How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God!

tino rangatiratanga Play

1. (noun) self-determination, sovereignty, autonomy, self-government, domination, rule, control, power.

I roto i tēnei nūpepa ka whai huarahi a Tāwhiao ki te tautohe me āta whakamāori te Tiriti o Waitangi kia kore ai e riro te tino rangatiratanga o te iwi Māori i te kāwanatanga a te Pākehā (TTR 1990:310). / In this newspaper Tāwhiao had an avenue to argue for an interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi that not enable the colonial government to take away Māori sovereignty.

Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Niu Tīreni Play

1. (noun) Declaration of the Independence of New Zealand.

I te marama o Oketopa 1835 i haina a Moetara i te Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Niu Tīreni (TTR 1990:58). / In October 1835 Moetara signed the Declaration of the Independence of New Zealand.

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