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Found 6 matches

hapū Play

1. (verb) to be pregnant, conceived in the womb.

Kei Te Autereti tonu a Eruera e mahi ana, kei Hekerangi tonu e noho ana, ka hapū anō tō mātau whāea (EM 2002:49). / While Eruera was at Te Autereti working, and still living at Hekerangi, our mother became pregnant again.

Found 6 matches

2. (modifier) pregnant, expectant, with child.

Ki te kai te wahine hapū i te hikareti, ka kai tahi te pēpe e noho ake rā i roto i a ia (TP 1/1908:4). / If a pregnant woman smokes cigarettes, the baby that is inside her partakes too.

Found 6 matches

3. (noun) kinship group, clan, tribe, subtribe - section of a large kinship group and the primary political unit in traditional Māori society. It consisted of a number of whānau sharing descent from a common ancestor, usually being named after the ancestor, but sometimes from an important event in the group's history. A number of related hapū usually shared adjacent territories forming a looser tribal federation (iwi).

Ko tōna ingoa hapū i reira ko Te Whānau o Tūwhakairiora, koia nei hoki te hapū tūturu ake o Wharekahika (HP 1991:24). / His hapū name there was Te Whānau o Tūwhakairiora, and that was the true hapū of Wharekahika.

mangō hapū Play

1. (noun) spiny dogfish, spotted spiny dogfish, Squalus acanthias - a fish brownish-grey above with irregular white spots and white below. Body elongated with both dorsal fins preceded by a sharp spine. Reaches 1.2 m. Found in temperate waters around the world.

See also pioke

hapū hōia Play

1. (loan) (noun) regiment - unit of an army usually commanded by a colonel and divided into several companies and often into two battalions.

ārai hapū Play

1. (noun) contraceptive, birth control.

pire ārai hapū Play

1. (loan) (noun) contraceptive pill.

Ko ia tonu tētahi o ngā tākuta tuatahi ki te tūtohu i te pire ārai hapū i ngā tau tōmua o te tekau tau atu i 1960 (TTR 200:124). / She was one of the first doctors to prescribe the contraceptive pill in the early 1960s.

hapū i te pūkano Play

1. ectopic pregnancy.

Kātahi anō ka mōhio te rata ko te hapū i te pūkano te mate. / Finally the doctor realised that the problem was an ectopic pregnancy.

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