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Found 9 matches

mihi Play

1. (verb) (-a,-ngia,-tia) to greet, pay tribute, acknowledge, thank.

I muri iho ka heke te wahine nōna nei te whare ki te kīhini, ā, mihi ana ki te kuki mō te āhua pai ake o ngā kai e tunua ana e ia (TKO 30/6/1920:3). / Afterwards the woman who owned the house went down to the kitchen and thanked the cook for the somewhat superior food he was cooking.

Found 9 matches

2. (verb) to sigh for, lament, grieve for.

Nōwhea i rongo a Turi. Tohe tonu ki te kāhaki i a ia. Nō reira i mihi a Tuai ki ana tamariki, ki tana wahine (NM 1928:94). / Turi would not listen. He persisted in carrying them off. So Tuai grieved for his children and his wife.

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3. (noun) speech of greeting, acknowledgement, tribute.

Kātahi ka tū te tohunga o te ope, arā o te iwi nōna te toma, kātahi ka tīmata te mihi (JPS 1926:28). / Then the tohunga of the group, that is of the people that the resting place for the bones belonged to would now begin the greeting.

Mihi Play

1. (loan) (personal name) Miss, Missy.

Nō te 10 o Hepetema, 1878, i mārenatia ai a Mihi Rata ki a Te Kehipata... (TW 14/9/1878:6/458). / On the 10th September, 1878, Miss Russell was married to Mr Gainsford...

Mihi Play

1. (loan) (personal name) Mrs.

...ā i runga anō hoki a Tā Wiremu Mātenga rāua ko Mihi Mātenga (TW 17/8/1878:8/412). / Also present were Sir William Martin and Mrs Martin.

mihi whakatau Play

1. (noun) speech of greeting, official welcome speech - speech acknowledging those present at a gathering. For some tribes a pōhiri, or pōwhiri, is used for the ritual of encounter on a marae only. In other situations where formal speeches in Māori are made that are not on a marae or in the wharenui (meeting house) the term mihi whakatau is used for a speech, or speeches, of welcome in Māori.

he mihi Play

1. (noun) acknowledgements.

ngā mihi Play

1. acknowledgements.

Mihi-ki-te-kapua Play

1. (personal name) (?-?1880) Tūhoe, Ngāti Ruapani; composer.

ngā mihi o te tau hou Play

1. happy new year, greetings for the new year.

whaikōrero Play

1. (verb) (-tia) to make a formal speech.

Mutu ana te tangi, kei runga ngā kaumātua, kei te whaikōrero ki te manuhiri (TP 4/1907:7). / As soon as the weeping ended the elders are up and making speeches to the guests.

See also whai kī, whaikupu, whaikī

2. (noun) oratory, oration, formal speech-making, address, speech - formal speeches usually made by men during a pohiri and other gatherings. Formal eloquent language using imagery, metaphor, whakataukī, pepeha, kupu whakaari, relevant whakapapa and references to tribal history is admired. The basic format for whaikōrero is: tauparapara (a type of karakia); mihi ki te whare tupuna (acknowledgement of the ancestral house); mihi ki a Papatūānuku (acknowledgement of Mother Earth); mihi ki te hunga mate (acknowledgement of the dead); mihi ki te hunga ora (acknowledgement of the living); te take o te hui (purpose of the meeting). Near the end of the speech a traditional waiata is usually sung.

Nā Rēweti Kōhere te whaikōrero mō tēnei take, ā ko tēnei hoki te tino take i kōrerotia i tēnei hui (TP 3/1904:10). / Rēweti Kōhere spoke about this matter and this was the main topic discussed at this meeting.
(Te Kōhure Textbook (Ed. 2): 243-247;)

3. (noun) oral evidence.

I tino kaha te tahuri o ngā Kaiwhakawā ki te whiriwhiri i ngā whaikōrero i tukuna ai ki te Kōti i ngā whakawā e rua (RT 2013:103). / The Judges set about vigorously discussing the oral evidence submitted to the Court in the two cases.

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