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mingimingi Play

1. (verb) to be curly, twisted (especially of the grain of timber, hair, etc.).

He urukehu ōna makawe, he mingimingi (RK 1994:90). / He had red, curly hair.

2. (modifier) curly, twisted (especially of the grain of timber, hair, etc.).

E mea ana a Te Hokena ko te Merenīhia he potopoto, he mangu, he māhunga mingimingi, he pukukino, he kūare, tēnā ko ngā Māori e noho tahi ana rātou he roroa, he ngāwari, he takahoahoa, he kiri mā - ko ētahi rite tonu ki te Pākehā te mā (TP 1/1909:4). / Mr Hogan reports that the Melanesians are shortish, black, have curly hair, are volatile and uneducated, whereas the Māori that they are living with are tall, gentle, friendly and fair-skinned - some are as white as the Pākehā.

3. (noun) broad-leaved mingimingi, Leucopogon fasciculatus, Coprosma propinqua var. propinqua and prickly mingimingi, Leptecophylla juniperina subsp. juniperina - native shrubs with small, narrow leaves which alternate or are in tufts, prickly to touch. Fruit is red, pink, blue or white and the bark is black.

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