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Found 5 matches

māngere Play

1. (verb) to be lazy, idle, slothful, indolent, slack.

I te tuatahitanga ka ngahau te mahi, kia roa ka waimeha haere, ka ngākau kore, ka māngere ki te haere ki ngā huihuinga o ngā komiti whakahaere (TJ 15/3/1898:2). / At first the work was interesting, but after a while they become lackadaisical, unenthusiastic and lazy about going to the meetings of the organising committees.

Found 5 matches

2. (adjective) be lazy, idle, slothful, indolent, slack.

He tauira mā tātau ko ā tātau tamariki, kotahi te pāpā, kotahi te kōkā, he rerekē te tama, he rerekē te tamāhine, he rerekē te tuatoru, me te tuawhā, me ngā ritenga hoki, he ahuwhenua tētahi, he māngere tētahi, he hūmārie tētahi, he haututū tētahi (TPH 15/8/1903:4). / Our children are an example for us and although there is one father and one mother the son, the daughter, the third and fourth are all different, one is industrious, another is lazy, another is handsome and another is mischievous.

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3. (noun) laziness, indolence, idleness, sloth.

Ko ngā Pākehā i amuamu nei mō te māngere o te Māori, mō te moumou o te whenua mō te Maori, nohopuku (TKO 31/3/1921:5). / The Pākehā who complained that Māori are lazy and that the land is a waste for Māori, be silent.

Found 5 matches

4. (noun) lazybones, idler, sluggard.

Kua hōngongoi te māngere rā i mua i te pouaka whakaata (PK 2008:129). / That lazybones sat idly in front of the television.

Māngere Play

1. (location) Māngere Mountain on the shores of the Manukau Harbour.

(Te Kōhure Textbook (Ed. 2): 107;)

Māngere Play

1. (noun) third lunar month of the Māori year - approximately equivalent to August.

māngere hōnia Play

1. (stative) be excessively lazy.

Ko te tangata kai i te whiore tuna i te tuatahi he māngere hōnia (HP 1991:16). / The person who eats the tail first is excessively lazy.

See also hōnia

whare hōiho Play

1. (loan) (noun) manger, stable.

Ko te kurī i roto i te whare hōiho (MM.TKM 31/3/1857:13). / The dog in the manger.

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