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Found 2 matches

tohoraha Play

1. (noun) whale, southern right whale, Eubalaena australis - a baleen whale with a large head and curved jaw found in temperate waters.

Ka karakia a Nukutawhiti ki te moana, kia mauria mai he tohoraha mō te kawanga o tōna whare (TWK 4:20). / Nukutawhiti chanted a ritual chant to the ocean to bring a whale for the ceremonial opening of his house.
(Te Māhuri Textbook (Ed. 2): 2; Te Māhuri Audio Tapes/CDs (Ed. 2): Exercises 1-3;)

See also tohorā

tūtae tohoraha Play

1. (noun) ambergris - a strong-smelling waxlike secretion of the intestine of the sperm whale sometimes found floating in the sea or washed up on the shore. Used in the perfume industry.

See also mīmiha

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