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Found 7 matches

kauri Play

1. (noun) kauri, Agathis australis - largest forest tree but found only in the northern North Island, it has a large trunk and small, oblong, leathery leaves, kauri resin, soot from burnt kauri gum used for tattooing.

Ko ia ki te whakahaere i ngā ōkiha e waru e kukume ana i ngā rākau kauri kua oti te tua ki raro, ki waho o te ngāhere (HP 1991:24). / He controlled the eight oxen pulling the kauri trees, which had been cut down, out of the forest.

Found 7 matches

2. (noun) moko soot, tattooing soot - burnt kauri gum used for tattooing.

Found 7 matches

3. (noun) moko, tattooing.

Anō te kiri, me te anuhe tawatawa ngā mahi a te kauri (NM 1928:23). / Look at the skin, the abundance of tattooing is like the markings on the skin of a mackerel!

kāpia Play

1. (noun) kauri gum, resin, gum.

Kāhore hoki he painga ki a tātou mehemea ka tukua mā te Pākehā e keri ngā kāpia o ō tātou whenua (TJ 24/8/1899:5). / And there's no benefit to us if the Pākehā are allowed to dig the kauri gum of our land.

2. (noun) glue.

E pai ana te kāpia pepa pakitara mō te mahi nei, te pepa whakapiripiri (RTA 2014:136). / Wall paper paste is suitable for this task of paper maché.

pūpū whakarongotaua Play

1. (noun) kauri snails, Paryphanta spp.

pūpū rangi Play

1. (noun) kauri snails, Paryphanta spp. - look like ordinary garden snails but are much bigger.

See also pūpū whakarongotaua

pere Play

1. (noun) adze-shaped wooden hoe - used in gardens for clearing weeds.

2. (noun) karapapa, Alseuosmia macrophylla - a shrub found in forest undergrowth from North Cape to the upper South Island that grows to about 2 m, with red-brown branches and dark green foliage. It has alternating glossy leaves with widely spaced teeth. The tubular flowers are 2.4-4 cm long and highly scented. They vary in colour from dark red to cream. Fruit is crimson.

See also karapapa

3. (noun) Alseuosmia banksii var. linariifolia - endemic bushy slender shrub up to 1 m tall of Northland forests from Kaitaia to about Kaiwaka. Often associated with kauri. Leaves vary, much longer than wide, green, margin smooth. Small creamy yellow flowers, tubular, dropping in September - December. Fruit fleshy, red.

puakarimu Play

1. (noun) clubmoss, Lycopodium deuterodensum - tall, erect, branching stems resemble young fir trees. Aerial stems up to 100 cm high, much branched in upper part. Dull green or orange-brown triangular, pointed leaves are spirally arranged. Plants often grow in extensive colonies. Common from Lake Taupō north on bush margins, in scrub or in regenerating kauri forest.

pāpākiri Play

1. (noun) scaly bark, flaky bark - found on such trees as rimu, mataī, monoao and kauri.

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