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pipi Play

1. (noun) pipi, Paphies australis - a common edible bivalve with a smooth shell found at low tide just below the surface of sandy harbour flats. Hinge is near the middle of the shell.

Ka mate i a Ngā Puhi, ka kainga, ka mahue ngā kōiwi i konā haupū ai, pērā i te kōkota, i te pipi, i te aha (TTT 1/12/1924:43). / They were killed by Ngā Puhi, eaten and the bones were left pilled up like shellfish, pipi, and suchlike.
(Te Māhuri Textbook (Ed. 2): 35-40;)

2. (noun) cirrostratus - cloud forming a thin, fairly uniform semi-translucent layer at high altitude.

3. (noun) small entering wedge - to begin splitting trees and timber.

He pipi te tuatahi, he kaunuku te tuarua (W 1971:107). / The first one was a small entering wedge, the second a large splitting wedge.

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