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ahikāroa Play

1. (noun) burning fires of occupation, long undisturbed occupation, continuous occupation - title to land through occupation by a group, generally over a long period of time. The group is able, through the use of whakapapa, to trace back to primary ancestors who lived on the land. They held influence over the land through their military strength and defended successfully against challenges, thereby keeping their fires burning.

Ko ētahi whenua e riro ana i runga i te ahikāroa, me to noho tūturu i runga i te whenua o ngā tīpuna, tae noa mai ki ōna uri, kāore te Kōti e āta rapa ana ki te tika rawa taua ahikaroa (TW 14/7/1877:296). / Some land being awarded according to ahikāroa and the permanent occupation of the land of the ancestors, right down to the descendants, the Court is not examining carefully enough as to whether that undisturbed occupation is actually correct.

See also ahikā

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