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Found 10 matches

hāngai Play

1. (verb) (-tia) to be apposite, relevant to, correspond to, in line with, opposite, directly.

Ko tēnei kupu ko 'mahi' ehara i te mea e hāngai ana ki ngā mahi ā-ringa anake (TTT 1/2/1925:179). / It's not as if this word 'work' is only applicable to physical work.

Found 10 matches

2. (verb) (-a) to step across, astride.

Tino tūpato rāua kei hāngaia ā rāua aho, ka pūhere (TWK 5:2). / They were very careful not to step over their lines and render them useless.

Found 10 matches

3. (modifier) perpendicular (maths).

Ina pūtahi ētahi rārangi e rua, ā, e 90º te koki, ka kīia he rārangi hāngai. E whā ngā koki hāngai i te huringa kotahi. E 90º te rahi o tētahi o ngā koki o te tapatoru hāngai (TRP 2010:105). / When two lines intersect and form an angle of 90º, they are said to be perpendicular lines. There are four right angles in a revolution. One of the angles in a right angled triangle is 90˚ (TRP 2010:105).

rārangi hāngai Play

1. (noun) perpendicular line.

koki hāngai Play

1. (noun) right angle.

tapatoru hāngai Play

1. (noun) right-angled triangle.

tapawhā hāngai Play

1. (noun) rectangle, oblong.

toropū hāngai Play

1. (noun) apothem.

Ko te toropū hāngai tētahi rārangi mai i te pū o te taparau ki tētahi tapa. E noho hāngai ana te rārangi ki taua tapa (TRP 2010:254). / An apothem is a line from the centre of a polygon to one edge. The line is perpendicular to that edge.

rārangi weherua hāngai Play

1. (noun) perpendicular bisector.

me hāngai te kōrero Play

1. don't beat around the bush, keep to the point - an idiom.

poro-tapawhā hāngai Play

1. (noun) rectangular prism, cuboid.

koeko-tapawhā hāngai Play

1. (noun) rectangular pyramid.

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