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Found 12 matches

rima Play

1. (numeral) to be five, 5.

Kua rima rā te parāoa ki te pātaki kai - nā whai anō i kāhekaheka (PK 2008:179). / The bread has been in the pantry for five days - so that's the reason it's gone mouldy.

Found 12 matches

2. (numeral) fifth - when used with this meaning it is preceded by te and followed by o.

Nō te rima o Hānuere, ka tae au ki te kāinga, ki Nūhaka (HP 1991:59). / On the fifth of January I arrived home, to Nūhaka.

Found 12 matches

3. (numeral) fifthly, five - when preceded by ka it is used in counting out things or people or when there is a sequence of numbers.

E whitu ngā mea ka tuhia atu nā e au. Ko te whakatupu hapi ka tahi; ko te tou māpere ka rua; ko te mahi wāina ka toru; he ratipere ka whā; he kuitepere ka rima; he mahi mira ka ono (TWMNT 24/12/1872:161). / There are seven things that I will write about. Firstly, growing hops; secondly, planting mulberry trees; thirdly making wine; fourthly, raspberries; fifthly, gooseberries; and sixthly, making mills.

āwhata rima Play

1. (noun) pentatonic scale (music).

rima mita Play

1. (loan) (noun) five-metre line (sport).

hākina rima Play

1. (noun) pentathlon.

rima tāra Play

1. (loan) (noun) five-dollar note, $5.

kaipara rima Play

1. (noun) pentathlon.

ngahuru mā rima Play

1. (numeral) be fifteen, fifteenth (following te).

(Te Māhuri Study Guide (Ed. 1): 12;)

See also tekau mā rima

tekau mā rima Play

1. (numeral) be fifteen, fifteenth (following te).

(Te Kākano Textbook (Ed. 2): 16;)

rima tekau tāra Play

1. (loan) (noun) fifty-dollar note, $50.

Rima o Kōpū, Te Play

1. (personal noun) fifth lunar month of the Māori year - approximately equivalent to October and traditionally used by Ngāti Awa.

See also Whiringa-ā-nuku

tapawhā rite-rima Play

1. (noun) pentomino.

Rima o Hiringa-a-nuku Play

1. (personal noun) fifth month of the Māori year, approximately equivalent to October.

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