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hōhā Play

1. (stative) be boring, tiresome, bored, wearisome, fed up with, tedious, exasperating, irksome, annoying, vexatious.

Kua hōhā noa mātou ki te huhua o te kōrero i runga i te ingoa o tēnā tangata kino (TWM 30/9/1869:4). / We are tired of the many stories under the name of that evil person.

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2. (modifier) boring, tiresome, wearisome, tedious, exasperating, irksome, annoying, vexatious.

He mahi hōhā rawa te tangata kāore nei e āhei ki te titiro ahakoa pēhea te mārama o te kōrero (TP 11/1904:10). / The person who is not able to see, despite how clear the information is, is extremely exasperating.

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3. (noun) nuisance, bother, bore, hassle, pain in the neck.

Ko tātou katoa pea kua rongo i te matangurunguru o te hoko taonga tōrōkiri, i te hōhā rānei o te kaupare atu i te tangata hoko tara-ā-whare (HM 2/1996:6). / We have probably all felt the disappointment of buying faulty goods, or the bother of staving off door-to-door sales people.

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