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Found 7 matches

uhi Play

1. (verb) (ūhia,-a,-ngia) to cover, spread over.

Nō te taenga o Tā Hēmi Kara, ka ūhia te karauna e ngā tohunga ki runga i a Te Rata Mahuta Pōtatau hei kīngi (TP 11/1912:6). / When Sir James Carroll arrived Te Rata Mahuta Pōtatau was crowned.

See also huihi, uwhi

Found 7 matches

2. (noun) covering, tablecloth, cover.

I te tau 1966 ka puta ko tā te Māori whakahōnore i te tānga o tōna whakaahua ki te uhi o 'Te Ao Hou', he pukapuka maheni Māori (TTR 1998:133). / He was honoured in 1966 by Māori with the publication of his photograph on the cover of 'Te Ao Hou', a Māori magazine.

uhi Play

1. (noun) moko instrument (for puncturing the skin), moko chisel.

Tō mata i haea ki te uhi matarau (M 2004:256). / Your face was incised with the multi-pointed chisel.

uhi Play

1. (noun) yam, Dioscorea sp.

I Te Riha ā rāua mahinga kai, he kūmara, he taro, he uhi, he rīwai, he kānga, he paukena, he merengi me ngā hua rākau pītiti (TTR 1990:69). / It was at Te Riha that they had their gardens and plantations, where they had kūmara, taro, yams, potatoes, corn, pumpkin, melons, and peach trees.

See also uwhikāho

uhi angiangi Play

1. (noun) cover slip.

uhi perei Play

1. (noun) black orchid, Gastrodia cunninghamii - an endemic plant of North, South, Stewart and Chatham Islands. Uncommon north of the Waikato. Usually montane and mostly in beech dominated forests or montane pine forest plantations. Sometimes found at lower altitudes in dark hollows within forest, especially in naturally cold sites. Brown or white flowers October-March, fruiting in December-May.

See also perei

pōtae uhi Play

1. (noun) balaclava - a tight woolen garment covering the whole head and neck except for parts of the face.

takakau uhi āporo Play

1. (loan) apple pie.

Kohia he keke, he pīkaokao, he hanawiti, he inu, he takakau uhi āporo (TWK 42:26). / Collect cake, chicken, sandwiches, drinks and apple pie.

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