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Found 4 matches

repo Play

1. (noun) swamp, bog, marsh.

Kotahi te tangata e ārahi ana i tōna kāta i te huarahi, ka tae ki te wāhi poharu ka mau tētahi o ngā wīra i rō repo (TWM 30/8/1870:2). / One man was leading his cart along the road when he came to a boggy part and one of the wheels got stuck in the bog.

repo Play

1. (noun) cannon (weapon).

Kei runga i a ia ngā repo nunui, ngā mea 13 inihi te nui o te ngutu (TP 7/1912:9). / He has large cannons that have 13 inch bores.

pū repo Play

1. (noun) cannon.

Ka huri mātau ki tua o tētahi tau, ka kitea atu e mātau ngā tēneti e mā mai ana me ngā wākena hoki, i te taha mauī o ngā tēneti e tū mai ana ngā pū repo a te hoariri (TPH 15/1/1900:7). / We rounded a ridge and saw the the white of the tents and the wagons, with the cannons of the enemy standing to the left of the tents.

whai repo Play

1. (noun) eagle ray, Myliobatis tenuicaudatus - a ray with greenish-grey upper surface and blue markings, pale yellow-white below. Tail is thin with small spines and a small dorsal fin at the base. Head thick and protruding, eyes lateral. Most abundant from Cook Strait north over soft sediments and rocky reefs  from 0-422 m.

2. (noun) short-tail stingray, Dasyatis brevicaudata - disc quadrangular, flattened and slightly wider than long. Tail stout at the base, broad and flattened, narrowing rapidly to the sting. Plain greyish to light brown, whitish to cream ventrally. Bottom-dwelling marine ray widespread in coastal waters of the Southern Hemisphere at depths of 5-300 m. Adults common inshore during summer and autumn.

See also whai

Synonyms: roha, pākaurua, whai

3. (noun) log-tail stingray, Dasyatis thetidis - one of the largest species of marine stingrays and may reach 210 kg. Uniformly greyish to black dorsally, white to creamish ventrally, head slightly elevated and eyes are small. Tail stout at the base, tapering gradually. Widespread in subtropical and temperate waters off coasts. In Aotearoa/New Zealand occurs mainly north of east Cape.

See also whai

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