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Found 6 matches

horoi Play

1. (verb) (-a) to wash, clean, wipe, cleanse.

Me tino whakamākū ngā makawe ki te wai, ā ka hopi: horoia kia kore he hopi i roto i ngā makawe (TTT 1/4/1923:2). / Thoroughly wet the hair with water and then lather it up with soap: rinse it so that there's no soap left in the hair.

Found 6 matches

2. (noun) washing, soap.

Found 6 matches

3. (noun) wash.

Ko te tino taonga ia mō rātou ko te wai kia āhei ai ratou te horoi i ō rātou tinana, i ngā kākahu, me ngā aha noa, aha noa (KO 15/8/1885:2). / But for them the prized possession is water so that they are able to wash their bodies, clothes and other things.

pūrere horoi maitai Play

1. (noun) dishwasher.

Ko ngā taonga kua hangaia mō ngā mahi noa o ia rā - pūrere horoi maitai, tūru, pahi, aha atu (Te Ara 2012). / The products made are for everyday tasks - dishwashers, chairs and buses and other things.

whare horoi kākahu Play

1. (noun) laundry, laundromat.

Ka pīkaua a Pēpē ki taku tuarā, ka haere a Takerei ki te whare horoi kākahu ki te tiki kānara me te pātara hei rama mō mātou (TWK 22:12). / Baby was carried on my back and Takerei went to the laundry to fetch candles and the bottle as a torch for us.

mīhini horoi rīhi Play

1. (loan) dishwasher.

rūma horoi kākahu Play

1. (noun) laundry.

pūrere horoi kākahu Play

1. (noun) washing machine.

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