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Found 16 matches

tapawhā Play

1. (stative) four-sided.

Found 16 matches

2. (noun) rectangle.

Ko te tapatoru, te tapawhā, te tapaono me te tapawaru, he momo taparau (PK 2008:854). / The triangle, the rectangle, the hexagon and the octagon are types of polygons.

Found 16 matches

3. (noun) quadrilateral.

E whā ngā rārangi torotika e hono ana hei hanga i te tapawhā, e whā hoki ngā kiko roto. Ahakoa te āhua o te tapawhā, ko te 360° te tapeke o ōna koki roto (TRP 2010:257). / Four straight lines join to form a quadrilateral, there are also four internal angles. No matter the shape of the quadrilateral, its four internal angles always add up to 360° (TRP 2010:257).

tapawhā whakarara Play

1. (noun) parallelogram.

tapawhā mīharo

1. (noun) magic square.

Ko te tapawhā mīharo: Ka tuhia he tau ki ngā wāhanga katoa o tētahi tukutuku tapawhā rite. Inā tāpirihia ngā tau o tētahi rārangi huapae, rārangi poutū, rārangi hauroki rānei, he ōrite te tapeke (TRP 2010:258). / Magic square: A number is written in every cell of a square grid. If the numbers on a horizontal, a vertical or a diagonal line are added together, the total is the same (TRP 2010:258).

tapawhā hāngai Play

1. (noun) rectangle, oblong.

pere tapawhā Play

1. (noun) arrow head shape.

tapawhā rite Play

1. (noun) square.

He taparau motuhake te tapawhā rite. E whā ngā tapa he ōrite te roa (TRP 2010:259). / The square is a special polygon. It has four sides, which are all equal in length (TRP 2010:259).

kia tapawhā! Play

1. square it up!.

tapawhā whakarara rite Play

1. (noun) rhombus, diamond shape.

koeko-tapawhā hāngai Play

1. (noun) rectangular pyramid.

koeko-tapawhā rite Play

1. (noun) square pyramid.

poro-tapawhā rite Play

1. (noun) square prism.

poro-tapawhā hāngai Play

1. (noun) rectangular prism, cuboid.

tapawhā rite-rau Play

1. (noun) polyomino.

He āhua ahu-2 te tapawhā rite-rau ka hangaia ki ētahi tapawhā rite. He ōrite te rahi o ngā tapawhā rite, ā, e hono ana ngā tapa. Mēnā e rua ngā tapawhā rite hei hanga i te āhua, ka tapaina ko te tapawhā rite-rua. Arā anō ngā momo tapawhā rite-rau, ko te tapawhā rite-toru, ko te tapawhā rite-whā, haere ake nei, haere ake nei (TRP 2010:260). / A polyomino is a 2-dimensional shape made from squares. The squares are all the same size, and are joined at the edges. If there are two squares in the shape it is called a domino (tapawhā rite-rua), if there are three it is called a tromino (tapawhā rite-toru), if there are four squares it is called a tetromino (tapawhā rite-whā), and so on.

tapawhā rite-rima Play

1. (noun) pentomino.

poro-tapawhā rite hōtiu Play

1. (noun) oblique square prism.

koeko-tapawhā rite hōtiu Play

1. (noun) oblique square pyramid.

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