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Found 3 matches

pukatea Play

1. (noun) pukatea, Laurelia novae-zelandiae - a tall forest tree of damp or wet areas with large flange-like buttresses supporting the base of the trunk. Thick, leathery, glossy leaves which have serrated edges.

Found 3 matches

2. (noun) shining broadleaf, Griselinia lucida - a shrub with large, leathery, very glossy, alternating leaves. The fruit is dark purple. It often grows up in trees, extending its white, pliable roots down the trunk of the host tree, eventually becoming an independent tree.

See also akapuka

kahurapa Play

1. (verb) to extended sideways - like the buttress roots at the base of some trees, e.g. pukatea.

Nō te tatanga mai ka titiro atu kāore he taurapa, he tauihu, ko ngā aroaro anga kē ai ki te tā, ko ngā hoe kahurapa kē ai ki te whanga (TP 1/1911:5). / When they approached we observed that they had no stern-post or prow, they faced to the stern and the oars extended sideways to wait.

kaurapa Play

1. (verb) to extended sideways - like the buttress roots at the base of some trees, e.g.pukatea.

2. (modifier) having lateral projections.

Ka toro atu ngā pakiaka kaurapa ki ngā taha o te tipu (RP 2009:403). / The lateral roots extend out to the sides of the plant.

3. (noun) stock (of a gun).

I tangohia te pū a Te Rangihau e Te Pōtangaroa, ā, tāia iho ki te whenua, ka whati te kaurapa o te pū, ka rere a Te Pōtangaroa i te pari, ā, ka ora (JPS 1900:52). / Te Rangihau's gun was seized by Te Pōtangaroa, who dashed it on the ground and broke the stock of gun, and then leapt over a cliff and survived.

4. (noun) cramp (of legs only).

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