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Loan words

Historical loan words


1. (stative) be fit, well, healthy, vigorous, in good spirits.

(Te Māhuri Textbook (Ed. 2): 121-138;)

Mehemea e hauora ana tō tātou whakapono, kua iti haere ngā mahi hē i roto i a tātou (TP 1/5/1900:11). / If our faith is healthy, misdemeanours amongst us will diminish.

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2. (noun) health, vigour.

(Te Māhuri Textbook (Ed. 2): 121-138;)

Ka nui te ātaahua o konei ināianei, ā, me te hauora hoki o te tangata (TKO 31/7/1917:9). / It's very beautiful here now and the people are healthy.

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Manatū Hauora

1. (noun) Ministry of Health.

akomanga hauora

1. (noun) health-education.

hauora hinengaro

1. (noun) mental health.

mātai hauora

1. (noun) health science.

hauora tinana

1. (noun) physical health.

hauora wairua

1. (noun) spiritual health.

rata hauora hinengaro

1. (noun) psychiatrist.

mātauranga hauora kararehe

1. (noun) veterinary science.

kaimātai hauora hinengaro

1. (noun) psychologist.

tākuta hauora hinengaro

1. (loan) (noun) psychiatrist.

manga hauora hinengaro

1. (noun) mental health unit.

Rōpū Whakatairanga Hauora, Te

1. (loan) Health Sponsorship Council.

hauora ā-ngira

1. (loan) (noun) acupuncture -a medical procedure in which the tips of slender needles are inserted into the skin at key points in various parts of the body to stimulate nerve impulses to treat health disorders and relieve pain.

Toihau Hauora, Hauātanga, Te

1. Health and Disability Commissioner.

hauora kare ā-roto

1. (noun) emotional health.

Kaunihera Rangahau Hauora o Aotearoa, Te

1. (loan) Health Research Council of New Zealand.

Poari Hauora-ā-rohe ki Ōtāgo

1. (loan) Otago District Health Board.

Poari Hauora ā Rohe o Tai Poutini, Te

1. (loan) West Coast District Health Board.

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