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Found 5 matches

hoka Play

1. (noun) ling, Genypterus blacodes - an orange-pink fish, irregularly mottled with creamy white, white below. Body elongated, eel-like, skin slimy.

Found 5 matches

2. (noun) red cod, Pseudophycis bachus - a fish reddish brown above, silvery pink on sides, paler below. Elongated body with two dorsal fins and soft scales.

hoka Play

1. (loan) (noun) soccer, football.

2. (loan) (modifier) soccer, football.

He tīma whutupōro tō mātau, e rua ō mātau tīma hoka (HP 1991:53). / We had a rugby team and two soccer teams.

hoka Play

1. (verb) to soar, fly.

Kei runga kei te hoka tō tātou manu (TKO 1/3/1882:1). / Our bird is soaring above.

2. (verb) (-ia,-ina) to hold aloft .

Ka tū rā Hurukahu, ka hoka i tana patu (M 2004:388). / Yonder stood Hurukahu holding his weapon aloft (M 2004:389).

hoka Play

1. (stative) be projecting sharply upwards, sticking up.

He nunui, he roroa te tāngata i ō rātou rā, hoka ana ngā turi ki muri i ō rātou taringa ka mate (TTT 1/5/1925:222). / People were large and tall in their day and died when their knees protruded sharply behind their ears (i.e. they died when they were very old).

Hōkā-kura Play

1. (location) Lake Sumner (north central South Island).

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