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Found 11 matches

hura Play

1. (verb) to lift the arm suddenly with the arm bent.

Kātahi ka hura ngā peke o te tangata nei, mura tonu ngā tara o te whare. Kātahi ka hura ki ngā pito o te whare, ā, ka mura tonu ngā pito (W 1971:71). / Then this man suddenly lifted his bent arms and the side walls of the house were immediately in flames. Then he did the same with the ends of the house and they were immediately ablaze.

Found 11 matches

2. (noun) nervous twitching of the shoulder.

Hūrae Play

1. (loan) (noun) Jew.

hura Play

1. (verb) (-hia,-ina) to remove (a covering), show (cards), uncover, expose, unveil.

Nā, kia mōhio tātou, ko ngā tīwaiwaka e tītakataka nei ka hura rā hoki ngā hukumaro ki runga, ka riro ko te upoko ki raro (TTT 1/10/1929:1086). / Now, we should know that fantails flit about opening their tail feathers up and with their head going down.

Hūrae Play

1. (loan) (personal noun) July.

Kua tūturu te rā e tū ai te hui a te iwi Māori ki Pōneke, ā te 14 o ngā rā o Hūrae (TP 6/1908:10). / The day when the meeting of the Māori people will be held has been fixed for 14 July.

Hura Play

1. (loan) (personal name) Jude - penultimate book of the New Testament.

hura Play

1. (noun) giant centipede, Cormocephalus rubriceps - the largest centipede in Aotearoa/New Zealand and endemic to the North Island and Australia. It is up to 25 cm in length and can deliver a poisonous bite using its razor sharp pincers.

See also hara

tori hura Play

1. (noun) ferret, Mustela putorius furo - has brown, black, white or mixed fur.

Ka kawea mai e te Pākehā ētahi momo kiore, te tori hura, te tori uaroa, te toriura, te ngeru, te poaka, te kurī. Nā tēnei, ka ngaro ētahi atu manu, kararehe hoki (Te Ara 2017). / Pākehā introduced other rat species, ferrets, weasels, stoats, cats, pigs and dogs. As a result of this other birds and animals disappeared.

hura kōhatu Play

1. (noun) unveiling - a ceremony at the graveside to unveil the headstone.

Nō te marama o Ākuhata 1920 te hura kōhatu whakamaharatanga a te iwi me te kāwanatanga (TTR 1990:75). / In August 1920 the memorial of the people and the government was unveiled.

pōpoko nui a hura Play

1. (noun) pokopoko, Clematis cunninghamii - woody climbing plant with yellowish green flowers found in the North Island.

See also pokopoko

pokopoko nui a hura Play

1. (noun) pokopoko, Clematis cunninghamii - woody climbing plant with yellowish green flowers found in the North Island.

See also pokopoko

wairua Play

1. (noun) spirit, soul - spirit of a person which exists beyond death. It is the non-physical spirit, distinct from the body and the mauri. To some, the wairua resides in the heart or mind of someone while others believe it is part of the whole person and is not located at any particular part of the body. The wairua begins its existence when the eyes form in the foetus and is immortal. While alive a person's wairua can be affected by mākutu through karakia. Tohunga can damage wairua and also protect the wairua against harm. The wairua of a miscarriage or abortion can become a type of guardian for the family or may be used by tohunga for less beneficial purposes. Some believe that all animate and inanimate things have a whakapapa and a wairua. Some believe that atua Māori, or Io-matua-kore, can instill wairua into something. Tohunga, the agents of the atua, are able to activate or instil a wairua into something, such as a new wharenui, through karakia. During life, the wairua may leave the body for brief periods during dreams. The wairua has the power to warn the individual of impending danger through visions and dreams. On death the wairua becomes tapu. It is believed to remain with or near the body and speeches are addressed to the person and the wairua of that person encouraging it on its way to Te Pō. Eventually the wairua departs to join other wairua in Te Pō, the world of the departed spirits, or to Hawaiki, the ancestral homeland. The spirit travels to Te Reinga where it descends to Te Pō. Wairua of the dead that linger on earth are called kēhua. During kawe mate, or hari mate, hura kōhatu and other important occasions the wairua is summoned to return to the marae.

Haere rā i a koe ka kōpikopiko atu ki Te Hono-i-wairua, ki te kāpunipunitanga o te wairua (TTR 1998:37). / We farewell you as you wend your way to the Gathering Place of Spirits, the meeting place of departed souls.
Te tinana, te hinengaro, me te wairua ēnei e toru, te mea nui o ēnei ko te wairua. Te tinana: he anga kau nō te wairua. Te hinengaro: he kaiwhakaatu ki te ao he pēnei nā te wairua kei roto i te tangata (TTT 1/12/1930:2215). / Of these three things, the body, the mind and the spirit, the most important is the spirit. The body is the vehicle for the spirit. The mind shows the world what the spirit of the person is like.
(Te Kōhure Textbook (Ed. 2): 221-228;)

2. (noun) attitude, quintessence, feel, mood, feeling, nature, essence, atmosphere.

Ko te wairua o te kōrero, kia Māori mai (HM 2/1994:10). / The feel of the language should be Māori.

3. (noun) bonfire moss, common cord-moss, Funaria hygrometrica - a moss that grows in profusion on moist, shady, and damp bare soil, especially on sites of old fires, and in plant pots in glasshouses and shadehouses. Found throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand.

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