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tautohetohe Play

1. (verb) (-a,-ngia,-tia) to contend with each other, persist, argue, debate, haggle, quarrel.

E rima hāora me te hāwhe te Hīnota Tianara e tautohetohe ana mō tēnei mōtini, ā, kātahi anō ka pāhi (TTT 1/5/1928:774). / General Synod were debating this motion for five and a half hours, and then it finally passed.

See also tautotohe

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2. (modifier) controversial, contentious, divisive, debatable.

He tangata manganga, he tangata tautohetohe te tangata nei a Ngāpipi Rēweti (TTR 1996:163). / Ngāpipi Rēweti was an enigmatic and controversial figure.

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3. (noun) dispute, quarrel, argument, disagreement.

He maha ā rātau tautohetohe i waenganui i a rātau mō ō rātau tika (TTT 1/6/1922:7). / They have many disputes amongst themselves about their rights.

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4. (noun) debate.

Ko tētahi o ngā take nui o te Pāremata ināia tata nei, ko te tautohetohe o ngā mema mō te Paipera kia whakaaetia kia kōrerotia i roto i ngā kura Kāwanatanga o te motu (TTT 1/10/1927:695). / One of the important topics of Parliament recently was the members' debate concerning the Bible that it be allowed to be read in the public schools of the country.

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