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Found 2 matches

mohimohi Play

1. (noun) pilchard, Sardinops sagax - a cigar-shaped silvery fish with a short dorsal fin and forked tail. Blue to blue-green on back, green on the sides and silver below. 8-14 black spots along the side of the body. Found in dense schools at the surface and down to 60 m, usually in the open sea. Maximum size 225 mm.

Pare: He aha te māunu tino pai mō ēnei takiwā? Rangi: Kāore i tua atu i te mohimohi (HKK 1999:21). / Pare: What's the best bait for these parts? Rangi: You can't beat pilchard.

Found 2 matches

2. (noun) kōaro, Galaxias brevipinnis, whitebait - a small spotted freshwater fish dark greenish-brown to grey-brown in colour. The juvenile form is one of the five species called whitebait. Widespread throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand in clear, fast-flowing, cobble to boulder streams and rivers with forest cover.

Whakairihia tō pūtiki mohimohi, ka whakamara hei whāomoomo mō ō tamariki (G 1853:cxi). / Hang out your bundle of kōaro to ferment as food for your children.

See also kōaro

mohimohi Play

1. (verb) to tend, nurse, care for, take care of.

Ki ngā tangata o Taitoko, ko 'Granny Retter' tā rātou karanga i a ia, te wahine nāna i mohimohi ngā tīpuna whāea, ngā tamariki hoki o taua tāone, ā, ko ia anō hoki te tauhere atu ki ngā rā o nehe o te ao Māori, Pākehā anō hoki (TTR 1996:163). / To the people of Levin, their name for her was 'Granny Retter', the woman who had cared for their first generation of mothers and babies, and who was a link with the past of the Māori and Pākehā worlds.

2. (verb) to be smooth, sleek, silky.

Kia kori te manu, ā, kia mohimohi rānei ngā huruhuru, he tohu kino (W 1971:205). / Should the bird wriggle about or the feathers be sleek, that was a bad sign.

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