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Found 6 matches

Wīwī Play

1. (loan) (location) France - a country in western Europe.

Ā ko Wīwī e minamina ana ki te mea i a ia kia ea ai tana mate i te Tiamana (TW 22/6/1878:310). / France wishes to avenge its defeat by the Germans.

Found 6 matches

2. (loan) (modifier) French.

E kīia ana nō te tau 1603 i tīmataria ai te mahi o tēnei patu, o te pēneti, ā nā ngā iwi Wīwī i kite te mahi o taua patu (TW 23/11/1878:586). / It is said that the use of the weapon, the bayonet, started in the year 1603 and it was the French who invented that weapon.
(Te Pihinga Textbook (Ed. 2): 70;)

Found 6 matches

3. (loan) (noun) French, Frenchman.

Mehemea, he Wīwī rānei, he Tiamana rānei te Kāwanatanga e tū nei, e kore rawa a ia, a Tawiti, e tautoko i ā rātou kupu (TW 26/10/1878:531). / If the government now in office were Frenchmen or Germans he, Tawiti, would not uphold what they had to say.

wiwī Play

1. (noun) somewhere, walkabout - used to indicate indefinite distant localities when linked with wāwā.

See also wīwī

wīwī Play

1. (noun) knobby clubrush, Isolepis nodosa, sea rush, Juncus kraussii - the name for several species of native plant which grow in stiff, rush-like clumps with tall, shiny, unjointed, wire-like stems with a brownish, tiny, ball-like cluster of seeds near the top of the stem. They are found on moist lands, the sea rush being mostly in coastal marsh and salty sand-flats.

Ka tango ki te pū wīwī, ka rere iho taua wahine nei ki roto ki te kōruarua, ākina iho hoki taua pū wīwī nei (NM 1928:9). / The woman removed the clump of rushes and fled down into the hole and replaced the clump of rushes.

wīwī Play

1. (noun) somewhere, distant scattered places, walkabout - used to indicate indefinite distant localities when linked with wāwā.

Kua riro rātou ki wīwī, ki wāwā. / They've gone walkabout.
Hei whakatepe noa i ēnei kōrero ko tā mātou takarure i ngā mihi ā mātou ake ki a koutou i haere mai nei i wīwī, i wāwā ki te kawe mai i ō koutou whakaaro ki tō tātou māpihi maurea (HM 2/1989:2). / To conclude this account is our reiteration of our own thanks to you all who came from scattered places to convey your ideas about our treasure.

Kaiana Wīwī Play

1. (loan) (location) French Guyana - a country on the northern South America coast.

(Te Māhuri Textbook (Ed. 2): 188;)

pīne-ā-Wīwī Play

1. (loan) (noun) French bean.

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